Thursday, September 01, 2005


Well, now that the town has cleared out and gone to Strawberry, I keep seeing pickup trucks with Louisiana plates driven by armed gangs roaming through town looking for a Walmart to loot. I gave them directions to the Harbor and told them it flooded. Now you know the diffence between a hurricane and an earthquake, with an earthquake, you don't drown in your attic.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Summer's Gone, I'm Fading To The Sierra

The Boys Of Summer. Phenoms. I kinda like the story THIS pic tells! Still. :GRIN:

See most of you, on the mountain. Those who are never leavening, I 'spose, I'm the YEAST of yer worries!!!!

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Hawaii? Curacao?

When I first posted this, I had NO idea, Curacao is the Defending Champ!!! On to the original post:

THERE'S two Island Little League Dynasties!!!

Actually, way too cool for that. Good for something 'sides the Mexican, Cuban, Taiwainese, Chinese, Japanes, Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas regulars who mostly always dominate.

That Hawaiian relief hoss was chuckin it up there at the Big League equivalent of 100MPH!!!!!!!

I wouldn't face that stuff at 46 feet in my PRIME, much less at 12 years old.

Now, if LLB can get PAST this nagging feeling that everyone has, about kids on steroids, they may continue to do some good in communities all over the world.

Nice way to kick out the Dog Days Of August!!!!

Hold yer pucks, the ice is still melt . . . . we ain't even into the PLAYOFFS, yet!!! Baseball in November!!!!!!!! How American . . . . .

This makes me ill

One of my favorite cities is getting ready to get dunked. Winds right now at 175mph but they can't sustain that for long. Still, the National Hurricane Center Director Max Mayfield, "This is really scary," he said. "This is not a test, as your governor said earlier today. This is the real thing." That guy isn't paid to be scared. He usually doesn't open his mouth at all about stuff and lets FEMA do it all. Go Saints.

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