Saturday, January 26, 2008

The 'Ol Dave and Bob Show


That's the only word I got for that show last night!

Mr. Dave and Bob just tore it up. I've got "Meth Lab Boyfriend" still runnin' through my head.

And lets not forget 'Da Human Feet Mon' during "Cat Food Sandwiches".

Bob and Hani Nassar played together for the first time. Then Dave and Bob, and some local guy (I can't remember his name) playin' a wood box.

Bob had some thing from India with twelve strings in front and.....I don't know, I couldn't count all the sympathetic ones down the side.

Dualing Weisenborns was pretty cool too.

Sorry Zeke, couldn't make the Dumpstafunk show. Wanted to, but we didn't get outta there till 11, and then it was over to the Crepe Place for Guiness. Have you been in there lately? They doubled the size of the bar!


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