Saturday, December 03, 2005

More Hawaii

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Happy Birthday, Martin N Zeke

Yer just both lucky I didn't post a close up of Trisha Gagnon. Ain't Missy a sweetie . . . . had NO idea she was so 'photogenic' (code for redhead). She's a hottie, yeah . . . . n her bass chops rock, too.

It's the best I could do for you two, seein's how I missed em both. Uh, yer birthdays, that is.

A cruise of MY lifetime that woulda been, yer mileage would have varied, I 'spose . . . . . hayall, MY milage is varyin right now, just lookin at it all . . . . sigh . . .

Monday, November 28, 2005

When Visiting Capitol City...

Good beer, good food, striking service, you can make your own beer for 8.65 a twelver (but you gotta make twenty-two twelvers at a time. Make up your own recipe and the Yeasty Boys whip it up for you. Come by for a tasting at the appropriate times. As the locals say, "Go ahead and make that Chocolate Peppermint Christmas Stout but just remember you're going to end up with 6 cases of the stuff.

Happy B-Day Martin.

Hey, Happy B-Day & all ya old Fart!!! So sorry that I was outta town fer yer gathering, reckon I'll get ya for some sushi on Friday....if'n you survive your clandestine training op's in thegodfersakenvalleythattimefergot! Me, just back from an extended golf outing that started in Long Beach and ended up at the "19th Hole" at the Cimmaron Golf Resort in Palm Springs. The big boys ( & one skirt) were playing a few holes over fer skins....that's when I found out that there are "152" golf courses in Palm Springs! Between that & some Blackjack at the reservation card tables, I just might be alright. Road trips, good golf & bad cards will always help ya ferget the crap that dirties up yer view on life....but, I digress.....AGAIN!

As usual, peace to ya'll.

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