Saturday, January 19, 2008

For The Old Timey In Yer Heart

Heh, they love's them some OCMS at Teh Ryman, don't they. *G*
They sing. Every. Word. Rousing ending, too. *G*

Someone even let Gillian play drums!!! *G*

Ooooo, ooooooh! Dis one mo bettah!

A Wistful Fleeting Thought Of A Friend

And warm memories of same. 

This vid of some folks in AZ, who someone I know, knows, down there.

Nice version. Less country, more old time. 

I think he'd approve. 


Thursday, January 17, 2008

Camp Howdy: Death by Paper Cut

Camp Howdy: Death by Paper Cut

Camp Howdy: Bobby Jack! Bobby Jack!

Camp Howdy: Bobby Jack! Bobby Jack!

NFL At It's Best

Sure, ESPN's Page Two covers it better n I do, but, this IS the best 4 teams in the NFL this weekend.

Green Bay v. New York

New England v. San Diego.

Like the money, I want Packers v. Pats for a final. 

And if that DOES come about, I don't mind spoiling Sweet 18 for history and would root for my old man Favre. Who STILL looks like he does it cuz if it's not fun, he wouldn't. 

What a year. What a coming year.

Wonder how many games Josh Burkett can win  . . . that boy pitches like a combo of Nolie and Clemons. 

His breakin ball buckles men's knees like a $500 hooker. *G* 

I WISH they'd let him get more starts, and have a shot at a 30 win season, but, never again I fear. Even 25 is remote and distant, I think, unless they lower the mounds again. *G*

Howdy To All, near and far. Be well, spring is nigh. Sorta. Kinda. 

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Baja Ken's Long Lost Uncle Max

Greetings From Thailand!

Howdy Ya'll!

Fresh back from an incredible trip to the tropical islands of Southern Thailand, and all I can say is it must be experienced! Here's a little flavor to savor!

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