Saturday, April 16, 2005


Kindly disregard recent emails, hosses and hossette's. Site's back up.

So, The Bills.

Live, from Nevada City, April 28, 8pm.

It's yet ANOTHER great presentation from Wesley Robertson, of KVMR and BerryFest Pig Out Fame. He had his 15th Anniversary Show today, 2-4 pm. Included Arlo from Fall '01, our first BerryFest. MEMORABLE!!!!

Lots of other BerryFest shows, and Palms, and others . . . that man Wesley is an archive, someone needs to fund him, and thank him profusely . . . . he's a hoss.

Send KVMR an email, tell them he's a hoss. You'll feel better for doing so, honest, n bless yer hearts . . . . . ;-)

Friday, April 15, 2005

I'll show you 'working too hard'

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Old News, But Martin's Workin Too Hard

Whacko blog, and bloggers. But, they GET and show detail, about how THIS one got all phooked up.

YOU folks, are doin much better, on a local and personal level. I love what you folks are doin, and thanks for sharin it for those of us who can't be there.

Namaste. Oh, I raise $10 . . . . too. ;-)

Brandon Stears, et al, Where Are You?

And his cousin, Doremi

South Austin Jug Band: highly recommended!

Hey Ya'll!
Great show at Don Quixote's last night with the South Austin Jug Band! I was rememberin them to be more of a bluegrass outfit from the Strawberry show, but they pumped out some great Texas Swing stuff last night that had everybody dancin & toe tappin. Better yet, I was very surprised to see our ol buddy Festivus there! Drove himself 3 hours down the hill just to see the show....but was wondering where all you guys were! I told hiom that ya'lls probably hanging around the new mens crisis center lettin Steve take yer change in poker.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Fall Strawberry Photos

More shots from the Heathens.

What does the UN know about human rights?

Monday, April 11, 2005

Hey Zeke

Your exclamation is showing.


Anybody that has any electronic pictures of the Surfdawg, please send them to My Email. Thank you for your support. Poker at the Men's Crisis Center. Ongoing. Drop in, drop money, drop out. It's as easy as the Boogalooooo.

I Have Absolutely Nothing For Sale, Two For Five

Well, I just wanted to see if I could post like the old guys....

I need one Strawberry Ticket

If anyone comes across a ticket, I need a spare. I need to bring yet another teenaged girl to the fest. Careful what you wish for.

Infinite Poker Game and Athletics Opening Day

We're opening a new "Men's Crisis Center" tonight at 425 Alta Loma in Santa Cruz. After work. Tonight. Baseball, adult beverages, games of chance. Initiation is a $10 buy-in. Usual rule apply. (Dealer's choice. No loaning the Surfdawg money without paying off his debts first. Checking the Surfdawg's hand PRIOR to allowing him to rake in the chips. No betting your morphine.) We hope to see people there often. That's a small place for Ray, Cuz and the Surfdawg to be holed up in but the gentle sound of chips clinking together matched with the crack of the bat should help. No cameras.

Happy Birthday Cuz!

Photos from the Heathens. Login is and the password is santacruz. There's some nice looking shots in there. What a good looking crowd, has everyone been working out?

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