Saturday, May 21, 2005

SpringBerry '05 Never Endin 'We're Never Leaving' Thread

8am thursday, or earlier, if possible. Howdy by noon, gates and lines permittin.

Hey O Gloved One

Was that last DING post of yers a not so subtle hint or somethin?

Given our newfound fortune and fame, Bernie-Office Warrior, has approved an extended, new and improved BerryBudget!!! Think it should include some quality hops like adult malted chilled beverages. I feel a case of Anchor comin on . . . . . AWEIGH!!!!!! ;-)

Friday, May 20, 2005


Thursday, May 19, 2005

I Mean, It's ALL Good, But . . .

This kinda catches my eye . . .

Kieran Kane, Kevin Welch & Fats Kaplin
Old Crow Medicine Show
Del McCoury Band

Gee, will there ever be any time for just fallin asleep in a chair?

'Kin BUMP!!!!!!

Yeah. All that and HowdyVille. ;-)

Full of Sith

"People talk about the mythic elements in the "Star Wars" saga, but that usually amounts to hot air from Ph.Ds who used to play with action figures as children."

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Nice View

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Rockin Old Tune

Can't help it, got me a digital copy of Richard N Mimi Farina's best stuff, just last week, at the used bin cd store.

There's too much to tawk abooot no one wants to hear about folk singers from 1965, but hossess n hossettes, there's this ONE cut. It's total electric, and full a drums, and Bruce Langhorn just rips up note (dang, edit here, it was Grady Martin leadin this affair )Joan Baez fav player he was) the liner notes say, KILLER lead git) after note with lead work as a rhythm player, and Mimi is ROCK STAR LEGEND screamin the vocals . . . . the drummer is ON it, and all over it, this tune rocks.

Ya know, them two, never wrote down their music. There's no tabs. N even THIS digital cd, isn't in the same tune, song to song. NO WAY to play along, cept to tune to each song, real pain.

Anyhoots, I digress.

Morgan The Pirate. I SWEAR, if you hear it, you'll smile,and flip, and wanna shake yer booty. Ok, it's NOT a 4/4 dance tune, but, man, I swear, it rocks n rolls n stirs my heart.

Loud. Electric. Drums. Mimi. Go figger, huh. N go lissen, if ya kin find it. I'll bring it to Howdy.

Morgan The Pirate.

Killer tune.


Um, Food For Thursday? Anyone?

Anyone wanna do a Camp Meal Thursday for openin ceremonies?

HowdyVille only, for the most part, this tme, this fest? Kinda special thing . . . .

Lamb leg would be cool, but, expensive and slow n a camp stove . . .

Anyhoots, Everyone pitch in for food n stuff thing kinda

Oink me direct, if yer interested in a communal partnership kinda thing . . .

I got Pita's for that round covered. Of course . . . . ;-)

Well....A Strawberry Prep...

Old Blind Dogs Tuesday, May 17
The Celtic Society of the Monterey Bay
proudly present:

7:30PM / Doors at 7:00PM
Tickets: $18 / $17 for Celtic Society members
Tickets available at More Music, 121 Maple St, Santa Cruz (moving in April to: 512 Front St.)
or the Pearl Alley Box Office, 120 Pearl Alley, Santa Cruz or by calling 831-464-2128 or 408-847-6982 or

Monday, May 16, 2005

Everybody Got the Tickets They Needs?

Just checking. Everyone accounted for?

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Larue N Bernie Are Bonifide!

Got our two tix this afternoon. A circuitious Avalanche Choir Connection from someone that knows me from the email list and website.

"Oh no, I know who you are. You can send me a check. I have been reading yer stuff for a year or so now. I KNOW who you are!" LOLOL

Said person is hooked up with Reg Kinner from Barstow . . . . . so, see ya there, then, bout noonish, in HowdyVille. A very special fest to be, methinks . . . . .

Love and miss all y'all . . . . Bernie N Larue

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