Friday, January 26, 2007

Music Newsletter

There ARE some kewl DVD's and CD's these guys at CountrySales are selling . . . some of it is CLASSIC stuff, like Seldom Scene and Gountry Gents . . . and a great Hot Rize . . . some prices are high, IMHO . . . I had fun just scrollin thru . . thought you might too . . . .

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

True Political Humor

I reckon you all may be interested in this CD release...too good!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Great Playoffs . . I Think?

Aside from every dropped pass that shoulda been caught by what I can only now look back and call 'wussies' this was a great playoffs season . .

N never mind the dropped passes, it's a trend in the game, it sucks, and that's for some OTHER article, er, rant . .

I though these were the best played games for the most part, in a long time.

Course, time management, dropped passes, hurry up decisions, go for it on 4th or not kinda issues permeated, and that's simply shit fundamental football . . .

Like the hoops game, like the bunt n run, the sacrifice in baseball, professional football suffers from mediocrity and lack of attention to FUNDAMENTALS!!!!

Oh wait, that's ANOTHER rant ad article . .

Well, if ya just give in to the watered down product, these playoffs were great.

N the teams who played less shitty, er, who showed up and made the fewest mistakes (Peaden Theory) won.

Hats off to the losers, hats on to Da Bears, and INDIANA?????

Peyton actually proved it this game . . . he finally earned his stripes. Good on him.

Brady's receivers dropped easy phreakin passes, and that cost them the game . . was this rigged??????
How do you DROP the easy passes they did?

But, like Shoeless Joe, and Rose, who I believe belong in the Hall, along with McGwire, that's another article.

I gotta go find some avacado's, Feb 4th gonna be here fast . . oinks to all Howdyville!!!

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