Friday, June 18, 2010

Pinin For Some Grass?

Stuck at home? Not festin? Need live jolts of da grass?

The Stage Schedules

How To Listen, Broadband/Dialup

Those of you on boats, keep the volume down and respect yer neighbors.

Those of you on dryland, just dance along . . .

Oh, String Dusters have torn it up, apparently after taking the place crazy yesterday for their first set, they stayed up late and jammed around grounds and hordes were screaming Paul!!! Paul!! Ringo!!! or something like that. Folks were happy, as Eric Rice and Wesley Robertson of KVMR on site are telling it. Their set earlier today was fine. They close tonite at 10pm (Fri), so check it out!

Back to yer regular Howdy Programming.

See ya in the Fall Berry, Dawg Willin.

Monday, June 14, 2010

What in Gawd's Name were you people doing while I was on Guam for a couple of years anyways?

It's no wonder that shortly after this fad, people headed to the basement to play D&D.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Ratto's been scoring at the ballyard?

More Guitar?

Have a couple CD's by this guy. Found out about him on one of the 'A World Out Of Time, David Lindley/Henry Kaiser in Madagascar' CD's . He's on Bela's 'Throw Down Your Heart' too.

Our own homeboy Frans Lanting has a book by the same name about his time there.

Very cool stuff.

And A One Anda Two......

Lefty Limehouse Langing

And you can't get that less you get this.

N that's my quarter for the Howdy Jukebox.

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