Friday, September 24, 2010

Wow, 8 Games To Go

The Phreak Goes 8, 2 Hits, And No No's For 5

Giants win, Giant's Win.

Hell of a performance for The Phreak, and for once Wilson closes it out 3 straight.

Burrell gets Timmeh's h/t for the winning dinger.

Bastards've got me sucked in. I HATE this.

8 t0 go.

I'd feel MUCH better with 6-2.

On we hope. Like lemmings into McCovey Cove.



Crazy Fresh.

Link Wray - Ace of Spades


Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Latest OK-Go Video...

More Guitar Players

I like the picture of Chet.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Camp Howdy, Spring '07

I was just banging around, found it. Have no idea who put it up on youtube. Zeke's buddy from SoCal?

[edit] Scroll down, Friends Of Phred it says. Thanks!

Great fest, JD Crowe, Utah Phillips, Crooked Still and more. Nice pix Howdy!

I don't know but it sounded interesting...

Notes on Coleman Fuel

writes.......(Feb 2003)

(Frank Schmidt, Senior Project Engineer, Appliances-Fuels-Patio Grills, The Coleman Co.)

Coleman Fuel was developed in the early 50's as a replacement for "white gas" which in the US was readily available at hardware stores and gas stations. This was the original motor fuel, no tetraeythlead, or additives, also know as casing head gas, water white color. Was also used as a cleaning agent for mostly white materials, also a fuel for outboard motors and early powered lawnmowers. This source started to disappear in the 50's due to technology.

The Coleman fuel of today has not changed in years, it is a blended naphtha with no lead compounds, and a paraffinic type. The benzene content is controlled to .5% by wt. or less and we add a rust inhibitor along with a green dye for identification. I will attach the specification for the fuel for your information. One point, you might find interesting is Coleman Fuel is the preferred fuel for fire eaters, have several inquiries a year as to the benzene content and is it safe.??

I also would like to inquire if your site, could be used by the Coleman Co. as a reference link in our site.

PS: The specification is titled (US Market) there is no other one.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Oh, YEAH...well I just got back from OklaHOMA...

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Under The Milky Way Tonight

As Jupiter works it's way into our eyesight at night, closer than ever before in 50 years, there's just something that most of us likely grok.

Keep Looking Up (courtesy Jack The Star Hustler Bless His Soul).

And that leads me to this.

One of the finest 80's 45 minute stoned couch naps I ever heard.

And back then, with my schedule, a bit of a stoned and nappy 45 winks, with that song on in the background, was heaven.

Keep lookin up, Howdians. N Treasure them couch moments.

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