Monday, November 21, 2005, right now all I'm sayin' is...

Let's just say that Iraqis are determined to kick each other's asses for all those pent up feelings they've been harboring at each other since the Battle of the Camel in 656. How the heck are we, militarily, going to accomplish something with that going on. Turn into Saddam? Because to keep these two from each other's throats is going to take a firm fist. You got to take the Sunni's side because there's less of them.
For those of you who like intrigue, the Sunni's support the Prophet's (pbuh) wife, Aisha and Shia's favor the daughter, Fatima. I know there's more to it than that but the Christians don't follow the surmon on the mount like they should either.
So, we have the choice of being a visible target patrolling the streets, pushing our teenager's weight on the locals. There's some comfort and aid to our enemy for you. Slow, comfortable targets.
I heard an excerpt from a front line trooper's blog from Mosul. He noticed the guys in the jihad scarf didn't really show any fear in him and his mates.
These guys really like killing. I guess they aren't numbed (some Nazi's would call it wasted) on video games. I still think the most dangerous thing in the world is a group of American teenagers in Marine Corps battle dress. Makes for a real shitty picture if your a guy trying to get to the boatyard across town.
So, what Mr. Murtha's saying, I believe, is that it's best to get out of the way of this very uncivil war. Growing pains. We stand back and be the heavy SWAT team. Cover the country with ROVs, Special Forces (hey, by now the Marine LURPs and the Rangers should have a pretty good clue on the areas. Sit back, relax, let them kill each other and try like hell to keep Iran and Syria out of it. Beats being in the middle where we are now while it's happening now. Think those Sunnis are happy about the Interior's new torture dungeon we busted a couple of days ago? First thing I was glad to hear was that it was US troops raiding the place.
Now we just let them get that dang election over in December, call it January anyway and then say, "OK, you drive." and start leaving it to them. We get all that Haliburton, "We'll run your oil fields for you." nonsense, let them have it. Or is it not freedom we're talking about? Is it more like, the troops stay in Iraq to support the flow of oil. What is it? I hear more about death squads. Shia sheiks we're funding to kick ass in our name. Jesus, funding militias. How French and Indian War can you get? Democracy. Freedom. Let 'em have it. Hey, if you need a good awkish excuse, Let Gawd sort them out. Let them kill each other and make it easier on us later. Why spend all that money trying to keep the peace when it's us they are making the unpeace all about? Embolden our enemy? Hell, just being in Iraq, not wait, Saudi Arabia emboldens our Radical Islamist enemy. How is taking targets away from them embolden them? They'll fly over hear and fight in Pleasanton? Chicago? Really? They don't do that now because we have troops in Iraq? Really? Why not bomb Chicago now when all the troops are in Iraq? Why? Really.
The last part of Murtha's plan is the best for peace but the worst for the Right Wing. Diplomacy. Never been Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rove, hell, the Senate's strong suit. "Easier to be Dictator" is how the President put it. Diplomacy means giving and taking. Talking and finding common ground. Ever hear of the Republican Senate giving ground? Taking suggestions and changing policy to further the good will toward man and provide for the common peace? That's just pussy Liberal Treehugging talk. Diplomacy is for weaklings I guess. No, they used another word for it...Coward. They called Murtha a Coward to suggest stepping back after the elections, forming a super SWAT team somewhere in the area, and furthering diplomacy.
"This war needs to be personalized." That's a quote from Murtha's statement. I don't even want to start. Just use your own ideas for what that means.

It's not just because Zeke, Ayron, et al's Birthday is this time of year...

I love this time of year because Miss Wendy has started her Thanksgiving cooking.



The Greencards were outstanding Friday nite and also on Please Stand By...
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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Time to reline my ballcaps.

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