Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Smoke This, Hoss

Bought this for $39.95 from a local hardware/garden/home furnishing store, Amigh's.

It has two cooking levels.
It smokes.
It cooks with a water pan for marinades or steam.
It has a charcoal pan at the bottom, where the soaked wood chips go.
Take out the water pan, it roasts.
Take out the water pan, move the charcoal pan up a notch, it grills direct.

A full yardbird, 5# of salmon, and a 3# pork loin roast, all smoked, and done, in 3 hours, tender, sweet, and NOTHING like a Weber can do.

Usual disclaimers, I don't own stock, it's not my company.


(applewood, think, applewood)

Something Different.....Please!

There! *Whew*....between these ridiculous elections, politics, & an apparent lack of Hockey, even during the NHL Playoffs I must Digress....all the way to the next FESTIVAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yeah, I know most of ya aint got it in ya.....but I lay down the challenge: Come to GRASS VALLEY, you just might forget about the piddly things in life and enjoy yerselves. But, what the heck do I know.....

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