Saturday, February 26, 2005


"What bothers me the most is the amount of awesome produce, excellent fish and meat, and fantastic cheeses here, but I am forced by the dining public to offer the same food that some other restaurant is offering," Liberman said. "I don't want to serve a crab cake, I want to serve a salt cod cake that's molten with garlic and has a poached duck egg on top. Only one thing stops me - it won't sell."

I LIKE this guy!!!!! :D

Of Weber And Kings

Well, he's gone. N so's the useless $17-23 Mil Annual wasted on his one dimensional perception of the game.

C-Webb n Iverson are gonna be a hell of a tandem, though. Well, they SHOULD be. One genuine thug that's reformed, n one wanna be thug who don't know WHAT that hell he is. If C-Webb don't screw it up, he and Iverson are gonna be fun to watch. Passing skills, I love it.

But then, there it is, tonite, 3 tics on the clock, n Weber fails to go to the hoop with any authority, and his game tying hoop is blocked and negated, easily. Way too easily. I got too many memories of that kinda shot, with the clock ticking, to win. Only, they always lost, when Weber had that ball in the final tics.

All the local talk about how Weber turned this franchise around makes me sick. It was Vlade, Peja, Christie, Jon Barry, Bench Mob. N many others, who busted their humps while watching Weber stand around, then dribble the ball up court like a guard (and lose it), make dumb ass spin moves, blow short jumpers, fail to attack the basket and dunk like a man, yaddaa yadda yaddda.

I am delighted he's gone. I DO think, he grew up here, though. Found at least a PART of what and who he's destined to be. It's a good move for all. I wish him well.

Now I wanna watch, as Miller, Peja and The Cat and Darius Songilia fashion this team into a faster, hyper passing and much better defensive AND offensive team. If we still had Vlade, I'd call us a contender to go to the finals. But, we don't, and we ain't. Not this year. Like Dem Bums Of Brooklyn, wait till next year!

WIFI N Skwirrels!

Amazing. So, what do people on boats do, when out to sail, for internet access? How do boats have phone hookups? Ship to shore radio/radar/microwave? Are there digital versions of STShore? If so, then there's the internet hookup, I spose? You Navy Boys prolly know about this stuff, doncha?

Friday, February 25, 2005


Steve Martin?

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Shit Posing As Meat

Roll the dice, and let your fortune be told.

Vote Early

Take your time, check out all the offerings, make your choice and Vote For Brenda's Shoreline Middle School. Any Jr. High doing Black Sabbath deserves support!

Blogger Warning

Never let a website install software. You don't need it. Only install software on purpose for whatever need you have. If you see a website offering to install something, ignore what it says and close the window. Just a tip...

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Easter ... Again

So, the Barb and Ronnie show aren't going to make it to Big Sur...Toby can't make it now, None of Wendy's sisters can come. So unless there's any takers I'm cancelling the reservations for Fernwood. Going once....

Monday, February 21, 2005

HST Stuff

That just needed a little editorial help.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Gonzo no more.

It just ain't gonna be the same.

For those of us who can't get enough

One handy link for hours of enjoyment. Batter up!

The Surfdawg-a-thon

That was a hoot. I didn't make it to the show until past dark. Heard Stephen got up with the Parafins and jammed. He was hanging out with the crowd and what a fine crowd it was. Plenty of Strawberry and SCBS friends. They sold out the hotel and that's saying something. Thanks Fleet, Eric, Elicia, et al. Get welll, dawg.

The Bellyachers

Warning!!! Quicktime Movie long download!!! No whining. Settle down back there.

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