Monday, December 25, 2006

Get On Up

"Brown is survived by his fourth wife, Tomi Rae Hynie, and their son, James Jr., as well as at least three other children. Funeral arrangements are pending..."

At least.

Let's Go For A Ride! Go For A Ride!

Don't know where, or when . . . but if ya pause it, and count a little, it's 60 foot or more . . .
Must be that time of year again . . .

You Can't Have Too Much Dead Tunage

I'm in heaven . . . . my bro sent me some old, REAL old Dead stuff, Stealin, Early Mornin Rain of all things.

From some source I don't know about . . . all studio cuts . . . one's that sound JUST like the old days of my vinyl, not that boxed set remixed crap some putz engineer decided would sound better with a snyth he added . . . . . stuff with PigPen's organ holding it down, before the acid really took it's hold on the music . . . lol

New Minglewood Blues old . . . Viola Lee Blues Good . . . . KILLER two minute version from '66 of Don't Ease Me In!!!! Thought that tune was from WAY later in their career . . . .

I went fishin for some stuff to Beat It On Down The Line, and their version of Cold Rain And Snow cuz I'm tahred of Del's versions and Jimmy Martin . . . .

N I found that link . . . I'm so easily entertained . . . . dang, old Greatful Dead, turned up LOUD, in my earbuds . . Cream Puff War rocks, still . . . now can I make this work on the squareneck . . . .

I bet The Heathen's got this stuff down cold . . . . . ;-)

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas

To each and every camp mate, past and present.

Thanks for the camplove and smiles from me and mine.

Let's do it again, soon.


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