Saturday, March 14, 2009

Eye Candy For The Girls

Someone elsewhere had the noive to post about the lead git/vocalist of Mahagony Rush and talk about tone.

Fuckin tone, from an electric git in a crap rock band like Mahogany Rush. Like they HAD tone. If ya talk about electric tone, you talk about Bloomfield. OR you go to the jazz kats.

But you DON'T talk tone about shit glam rock bands.

You wanna talk tone, you talk Tony Tone.

Yeah, so what, I'm preachin to the Choir. Again.

So just enjoy Tony, his git and his voice. Damn what a hoss. Sniff.

You girls hold it down back there with the squeals . . . ;-)

Thank DAWG I was never that good lookin, I'd have died LONG ago.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mmmmm-mmmm...Just like Aunt Pearl Used to Squeeze...

Drunk On The Moon

Go visit this cat's place, he's got all KINDS of retro goodies he's posting for newstalgia.

And the vid is a pic, but with Waits from The Troub live, in '75.

A couple of yas who used to live in SoCal I woulda thought mighta been around, 'cept for you were both still in grade schopl. *G*

Anyhoots, a full moon outside ain't it? And Waits is at his best, tinkling the ivories. Heh heh . . . cough . . . heh heh heh.

I shoulda added, Zeke and the others challenged just should click on the title at top to see or hear.

Course, that's an effort, too . . . for any challenged. Not that I'm pickin on Zeke, I MISS Zeke, and his banjo.

Not that I'd equate Zeke with banjo's, being challenged, or computers. Or fests.

Or anyone else who resembles that description . . .

Ok fine, I'm fest lonely. Shut up and pick. I'll likely be fest lonely until, erm, forever.

We're never leavening . . . and I'm not talking about the yeast of my problems or a lack of dough.


Ok. Too much adding. Back to regular programming . . .

In View of Present Labor Issues

The Day the Unions Died. Dumb Fuck PATCO called Reagan's Bluff. Walked out on a No-Walk-Out contract like they didn't know what would happen. The military invaded the country's airports. Took over flight ops over night like they had invaded, anyways.
Then the Big Bidnez Machine sent the AFL-CIO through the grinder for the next few years and anytime a reporter showed up, someone was comparing the Steelworkers to the cry-baby PATCO idiots. This just after Nixon had started Big Bidnez talking to China again. Then after the steel headed to Asia, the Auto Workers are compared to the know.
Now it's a bad thing to be in a union getting 40 hour weeks and job seniority. But Reagan and the boys wanted to play Monopoly and now China makes all the stuff and Wal Mart sells it. Everyone else gets the slop of shoving stuff around. It's not the fault of labor. If it is, please show me. Back when Unions were big from the 40's through the 70's there was a big middle class of organized labor.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Rose's Birthday Announcement

Sat, March 21st at Rosesss's Playhouse,pot luck BYOB

Starting time will depend on the weather, Stand by for updates.

Make your reservations at Ocean Pacific Lodge down the street,,,

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