Thursday, August 16, 2007

There's No Chick And No Bra But Watch It Anyways

White hippies, aging and young, recreate the FunkNation Costuming of George Clinton . . .

Pure crahp . . . ENJOY THE COSTUMES!!!!!

This Should Keep Larue Busy...

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

No It Isn't.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Pony's Were Good To Honey

So, Thursday, Howdyville . . . dinner's on Larue And Bernie!!!

Somewhere about 4 pm with time after to hit the meadow for the opening bells.

Pasta, with my homemade pesto and SHRIMP, and my homemade pesto garlic butter bread which is to DIE for . . . . . .

Someone PLEASE let Fred know . . . he's allus got it goin on, and I don't wanna step on his cookin toes . . . . man I LOVE what that man does . . . .

But the pony's were good to Honey, and I got some money to play with.

And I wanna feed my friends, it's been a long time it seems to me . . .

See ya there, and then. . . on WEDNESDAY!! AT THE LODGE!

We comin in early this fest . . . and pickin and grinnin and sippin and such is gonna be a JOY!!

I'm lookin at some 3foot long hollowed out bamboo tubing, with a plunger, to power some Aerial Objects Du Jour, as part of the Aerial Farce Show . . . not.

But if ya put it up in the air, yer BEGGIN for it to be knocked out of the air.

I'm just sayin . . . . ;-)

Rip the shirt, how cliche'

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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Oh My, A ThreeFor!!

Old, Really, Old, Stones, '64.
This is the R&B stuff on their first three albums I fell in love with.


The LAST Cut, I'm Alright, takes it off . . . sure it's black and white, audio's rough, and at some points, Brian just plays too much harp over the song (not like on the albums) but man, this is it . . . the it they had I fell in love with.

Almost as good as a half unkooked black bra on a tanned lithe feminine body from behind . . .

Course, at ages 12-15, ANYTHING was a turn on . . . .

Guess some of that hasn't changed in a few decades passed . . .

"I'm Al Right!"

Oh My, A ThreeFor!!

Damn, doubled up . . . my bad . . .

When Brian Could Play

Ak, nuff of that sex gland thing . .

Here's a goodie.

Damn . . . NO one did covers of R&B as good as early Stones . . .

Ow to Shair Fotoes Hon Lyne

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