Friday, May 13, 2005

I'm Tired, I'm Bored, I'm Phookin Antsy

So, like, today, I switched from the brass long body ACRI picks back to the silver Dunlop Banjer picks my dobro teach gave me. There's more volume, sustain and a brighter sound, it seems.

Oh, n I switched from low starches back to high proteins . . . . . too . . . .

Yer thoughts?

Work has me tired like a dog chasin a cat in the south, n the summer, both were walkin, yadda, yadda yadda . . . . . I love my job, I hate my job, yadda yadda, etc. Geez . . . . some one SAY something!!!!!! Sigh . . . . . .

I am SOOOOOOO pacin the floor, postin all over hell n gone (not that THAT'S new) about Spring Berry, orderin new string sets, Bernie is grinnin (I LIKE it when Bernie Grins!) n pacin like the devil herself waitin for a vacation where it ain't hot . . . . n , I got some kinda progressive newgrass net stream fired up that's playin some SERIOUS old David Grisman and covers of The Dawg . . . . it's HOT CHIT! . . . . . n I'm wailin on my reso . . . . n it's all maniacal in some kinda foolish, shit eatin grin hillbilly way what makes my heart soar like a Moody BlueGrass cover of Ride My SeeSaw . . . ya know?

So, what's life like in YOUR nightmare/fantasy/daydream?

Kin we tawk? I need to tawk to SOMEONE in here!!!!!!!

Oh, Bernie N Larue need two 4 Day Tix for Spring Berry! Make good thoughts, and we will make goodies for the one who makes our DayDream Real!!!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Baseball, Tubdude, And A Good Time!

A lil suds, a lil sausages, some onions, mustard, a good ballgame, and Martin showed me the town, tonite!!!!

Had a ball Tubdude, let's not wait 7 years or so to do THAT again!!!

Even our WIVES didn't complain about THIS one!!!! Well, MINE didn't!!!!! LMAO

So, Larue scored a job beginning Monday, and today I scored two extra days off for Spring Berry!!!! They love me . . . . what's NOT to love!!!!!! LOLOLOLOL

Now I gotta score two 4 Day Fest Tix . . . we got cash now, or cash there, at The Evergreen Lodge about NOON on Thursday when we pull in!!!!!!!

Keep yer eyes N ears open, we'll keep the wallets trimmed n burnin to burn the green!!!!

Howdy, Berry Villians All . . . see all y'all soon, up there, then . . .

Monday, May 09, 2005


So, we have Hailey, Liz and Dave needing tickets. Anyone else? I'll be up there Tuesday the 24th evening. I can let you know Wednesday night if I get one, two or more.

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