Friday, February 17, 2006

Texas Candidate Acknowledges Prostitution

You just don't get good "head"lines like that around here.

Custom Lap Steel's...Check these out Larue!

Ran into an old friend of mine from the construction/insurance world the other day, and he shared with me what he's been doing in his spare time: creating new custom instruments here in Santa Cruz..go figure. Even got the patents already, they look pretty slick..

Next Time I Shoot Zeke

I'm telling the cops that everything is OK and they can come around in the morning and take my statement. I may even buy some tickets to the Widows and Orphans Silent Auction.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

SuperGrass Rocked my BluegrASS!

Howdy~SuperGrass was Great.Never been to Bakersfield before.Checked into the Crystal Palace Best Western and then headed over to the Convention Center which is just the Lloyd Loar Fest put on by the Mandolin Cafe...It was really great. Talked with Mike Compton while he was strumming this great 1929 mando. Jammed with CBA Larry Kuhn and then ran into Reggie...Strawberry Reggie! Breakfeast was included with our rooms at the Crystal Palace. Pool was not heated but the hot tub was hot. Friday morning the music started at 10:00 and went til 4:00am. Jammin was everywhere, in the lobby, in the bar, in the hallways. The Wilders STOLE the show with their Commando Jamming Strategy. For a four piece band they ROCK and do the job really well! CherryHolmes played 3 times on the stage and just entertained and delighted everyone...really great band.Marty Raybon and Band was fantastic.Brothers Barton were really good too...but no Richard Green playing with them as advertised.Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver played twice and just nails the harmony so sweetly.Nashville Bluegrass BAnd played really well.Blue Highway was just wonderful.Great music, good picking and fine songs.Oh and I'm saving the best for last...Saturday night Doug and I went to dinner at the Crystal Palace, the entrance has these lifesize bronze scuptures of Buck Owens, Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Garth Brooks; treasures and momentos and gold records and photos of Buck's Music Career displayed all along a 2 story dinner theatre stage. The Bar has a white Cadillac Convertible hung off the wall full of autographs of music legends. The food is really good too. Buck Owens and his Buckaroos played for over an hour and a half and were really good and funny too.Well anyway my friends all got up and danced just as our dinner was served so I didn't get to dance.Doug went out to smoke a cig and I was dancing off to the side...when Buck notice me and said you get over here to me...and I was hillbilly clogging in front of him and the stage and they speeded up the music and then he said, "Shake it Mama!" So I my best Party Patty immitation. I think she woulda done the same if she'd been there.I had a blast in Bakersfield and played lots of bluegrass...also ran into many Strawberry folks.I also did a Kids on Stage program there for the CBA!
11:36 PM

Monday, February 13, 2006

Upcoming Shows

Some good shows coming around to keep us busy until festival season's a couple of good ones: Friday 2/17: Drew Emmit Band at Moes; Thursday 2/23: Biscuit Burners at Don Quixote's; Saturday 2/25: Los Lobos at Catalyst; Friday 4/21: Yonder Mountain String Band at Catalyst.

Other than that, maybe Gary & Penny could update us on that fine festival they just had in Laughlin......GARY??????

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