Thursday, December 13, 2007

There Goes Spring Training

I won't even post a link. We're all adults. 

Maybe minor league ball will be ok, I got the Cats!!! 

N maybe ice hockey will go year round when hell freezes over? 


Carry on, folks. ;-) 

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

When Was The Last Time?

You saw a catcher batting fourth? N this guy is a lifetime .275?

He's a HOSS of a catcher, and I LOVE the guy but he's a 7 or 8 stick!!!!!! Ok fine, so his two strike with men on base ratio is high, maybe, for a season or two . . . ? Still.

N so, the story IS all about Rowand. Nice find!!! Batting 5th? He's a phreakin natural #3 hitter!!! WTF is them Gyro's thinkin? 

I swear, they might as well as have Herman Franks as the skip, with phookin Tom Dumb ASS Haller behind the plate.

At least we got Bengie. He's a hoss. I like Rowand, too. But GAWD phreakin sakes, let him hit in the 3 spot!!!!!!!! 

'Kin Gyro's. Same as it ever was. 


Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Ocean Bites Flea

Rough day for Flea, but it's a good read and he's still paddling. 80ft. faces at Mav's.

N since when did Maverick's Contest go paddle in only? What a crock . . . there's a shot at a 100 foot tow in wave on the right day, and Mav's is paddle in, so they'll settle on smaller swells for the contest day? 

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