Thursday, July 12, 2007

It's Summer, Boardwalks Got Oldies, Sooooo . . .

Low Audio, I know, but, I'm phreakin here . . . I know Fagen . . . he's singing lead.
And holy batsnot, is that Skunk Baxter, Timmy B Schmidt left to right?

One of you LA Types gotta know this stuff!!!!!!

And which one is Walter Becker? The blonde singer with maracca's, or the dude with orange crushed valuour pants playin the other great git (big old dark beard)?

Here's another utube of The Dan Doin It Again like a Modesto halter top and ball cap as Tub so fondly wafts:

Again, who's the lead blonde haired phreak sanger? I GOTTA guess the bushy bearded git lead kat is Walter Becker, at this point . . . cuz . . . .

No Skunks this time . . . .


And to close, some guy playin the lead to a cassette deck . . . here's to shit kickin rock n roll and a coupla bong hits!!!

Ahhh never mind . . . sorta . . . here's the Wiki To The Dan . . . David Palmer????

I never knew . . . and I still Can't Buy A Thril . . .

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

High Sierra Music Festival......mmmmmm!

Well Folks, here's just a little taste of what we danced to this past weekend! Man! them boys were pumped for the rumble! A real hot 2-hour set from the McCoury's just made everything else fall into place. Daily trips to the river to keep it cool, & frolicking to the all night jams. Good thing for ear plugs & Fire control! I'll save the bit about our "GutBucket Symposium" for the next post. Ya'll just wouldn;t believe how popular the farm impliments are now 'round them hipsters! *LMAO*!

Monday, July 09, 2007

No Pissing on the Campfire

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