Thursday, September 13, 2007

Farley Is Gone, Bruce Has Flown, The Fog City Dumpster Is Closed

I sure hate to be posting this so soon after his announced retirement, but I guess I felt it coming.
I loved this guy's work from day one. Like Herb Caen, Delaplane, Wasserman, Gleason, and all the folks who made the SF Chronicle THE best paper EVAH, he was my first read every day back then long ago. RIP Phil, you done good for us all.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

RIP Lee.

Having experimented with recording at various radio stations, Lee Hazlewood strives to add new dimensions to Eddy’s Chet Atkins-inspired guitar playing. He wants to incorporate an echo chamber and decides to attach a grain elevator to the side of the studio. “I went all over Phoenix, and I finally found one that gave me a little something back,” he’ll tell The New York Times. “I told the guy, ‘How much do you want for it?’ He said, ‘$200.’ I said, ‘Delivered.’ We drove it back to the studio. It looked like Lee's Folly.” This strange new technique gives Eddy his distinctively eerie reverberating sound and helps him to become one of the most celebrated rock’n’roll instrumentalists of all time.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Bah Bomp BOMP!

This one goes out to all the Dance Party People at home and at fests everywhere and ewe know who you are.

Gonna Miss This Hoss

Bless him for what he gave us everyday . . . insight and a big smile.
The bears are getting close to hibernating, The Fog City Dumpster is closed.

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