Friday, April 29, 2005

If you can rope 'em


Rando Sighting

Of Fundies And Luddites

This is a long read. But, it's essential to our survival. And, it came from one of Santa Cruz's own, 'The Good Times' . . . posted elsewhere where I saw it, by Webhawg, bless his heart for fixin KPIG Squeals pages n all . . . . have a great weekend everyone . . . peace.


And on Nine Iron...

The Surfdawg.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

When Pigs Fly!

This link came from a Colorado former Cruz Piggie-she shared it with us in another forum.

Nice read . . . . great radio! :SMILE:

Job Opportunities @ KPIG: Hey Larue!

Yeah, I know you live way out in the Godfersakenvalleythattimeforgot & all, but when I read these I immediately thought of you....why not?

Wednesday, April 27, 2005


Hello friends,
Wow I got myself into a strange place and need some help getting out.  I moved recently to Seaside, near Monterey as I was hired for this fantastic high paying job where I would have job security and make a great living. 
I had a car wreck and turned my poor old red truck in on a car thinking I would have the money for the payments another stupid mistake, which I am trying to rectify.
 I moved into a downstairs apt on 1237 Luxton.  Take 403 exit make left off freeway go to Hilby make a left follow up the hill left on Luxton (one way street). 831 601-8634
Anyway after working for employer for 4 weeks after moving here, I was fired. I'm not very proud of that but I suppose they didn't know what they had in me and if they can't see it I don't want to work for them either...oh well knock my head off my shoulders, that hurt.
Anyway due to the fact that I was only here for the job and my income has now stopped (perhaps I'll get a small unemployment ck) I can't pay the higher rent, and it doesn't make any sense to be living here.  My friends, music jams and fun are in the Cruz and the Mts.
On Sunday it's May 1st, I have to be out of here and have it clean by Sat night.  Lucky for me my room at Linda Spalinger's is still available and I can move back to it. 
I must be honest my back is not great, I need help either here on this side or on the Boulder Creek side.  Moving twice in a 30 day period of time is killer.  I now have to repack what I just unpacked.
I would be willing to pay for gasoline if you have a truck, buy the beer, and pizza, pay someone, whatever, do you know any movers or unemployed guys who I could pay a small sum to do the work, or could you find time in you schedule or heart to help me out please, would you help me do the move? write me an email or call my cell phone.  Pass the word to those who I know but don't have their me if you can, I'm feeling down.
Thank you!
Best Regards,
Elicia Burton
831 601-8634

Bluegrass Fair!

Maybe by the 21st all the seagulls will have had their fill of baby ducks.

Surfdawg Memorial Photos From the Heathens

What's with all the Patty (Paki) shots? Enough to start tongues a-waggin' I'd think.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Dawg Paddle Photos from Harmony?

Hey Liz & Dave!
How's about getting those great photos of the Dawg Paddle out here somewhere's so we can all download em & stuff???? That was soooo cool that you guys brought Harmony out to the Paddle, pret-near the longest board out there!

Old Tull

"I silently pleaded with the Gods of Tunefulness that Martin and Glen could align themselves with the grand piano and agree, if temporarily, on the precise nature of a concert C."

Monday, April 25, 2005

Quotes from the Memorial

So...anyone who was there and heard something...let us know. Even if you lurkers can't write, get someone who can type and get on this...

In response to "did he really die in the arms of seven women?" Wendy said, "No, truth be told he was led to the other side by Lynn and Patty singing the Doobie Brothers' 'Old Black Water'." I said, "That would do it."

Coolest Room Award This Week Goes To:

$126/night on weekends.

$107/night Sun-Thur.

Saturday, April 30
The Creekdippers featuring Victoria Williams and Mark Olson Fernwood Resort -- Motel, Tent Cabin and Camping accomodations are available.
For advance tickets email: Big Sur, CA

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