Thursday, July 21, 2005


Bring back The Tub!


Fill it.

With mirth.

With laughter.


And with hilarity.

Even at my expense.


Sunday, July 17, 2005

6 In A Row Today, Over 100. 10 Over 95.

It ain't Dah Cruz, it ain't. Predicted for a few more over 100.

Not that it's ANYTHING like Pahrump or Mojave. Ughhhh . . . . my heart out to JimmyBob.

But, mesquite is smokin, pork is grillin, taters are also grillin, beer's cold, whiskey's warm and so am I.

Great show last night with Mountain Laurel. Look for them Spring or Fall '06, Larue put the wheels in motion.

Some of you pickers 'in the know' will be pleased with their song selections, their song arrangements, and their arrangements of both 3 and 4 part harmonies/vocals. They done GROWED, way beyond what they were a year or more ago, when I last saw them. And I liked them a lot THEN!!! Kathy Barwick has certainly fit in nicely, and prolly contributed and encouraged their growth a lot, in terms of arrangements and such. But man, the core four, are really developing themselves, too. Adding Kathy really took them ALL to the next level. Snyergy, baby, synergy. Sum of the parts, etc.

I miss yer fog. And yer music, too. Oinks.

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