Friday, January 05, 2007

Ray Wylie at Don Quixote's Next Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!!!

Party @ Zeke's Bistro, Saturday 1/6 @ noon

Hey Folks!

If'n ya didn't get the email, consider this yer special invitation!.....Tomorrow, Saturday 1/6 starting at noon, I would like to invite ya'll over to my place for some footballwatchinpokerplayingmusicalpickin&beerdrinkinfestivating in the traditional Howdy Style. The first game starts at 1:30, but the poker table opens at noon. Please bring your instruments as well so we can get us a jam going. If ya wanna play cards, please come prepared with appropriate change (singles!). I have a grille, so if'n ya wanna cook something or just bring a dish to share that would be cool, but cold beer is always acceptable.

This Just In: The Holidays are OVER! Let's get back to football & picking now!

Peace out,


Seeing how I actually have a team playing next week...

Chiefs (yeah, I know, Peyton this, Peyton that)

Seahawks (Tuck Fexas)

Patriots (Brady 10-1 in postseason???)

Gigles...ummmm...Eagints....uhhh...Let's play poker.

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