Friday, October 07, 2005

Something for all you kin White Sox fans.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Some Pictures

Anyone have anymore?

If you never look

Sometimes, you just can't see it. This must have been like the second or third Hardly Strictly. One without the German Tour Bus.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

You People Were Fun!

Saw all y'all, n then, we didn't.

N we had a blast Friday nite.

N we didnt' see ya Sattiday morning. Cept for Dave N Amy, as we tooted horn n waved like grinnin idjit flatlanders loose in The City,, Sattiday Mornine at 10am, as we drove by Dah Pahk. :grin:

N we couldnt't find parking, within 2 miles, n well, we were stretched for stayin, so we didn't.

Bad plannin our our part, but, now we got a lay of the land and know what it takes to make it work next year. N we will.

Had KPIG on 1510 all morning long, driving round the city, lovin the scenes, the people, n my lard, this IS where the phucking melting pot is all about. The drivin round Sattiday mornin was almost as good as the yakkin Friday nite . . . :smile:

I love The City, for what it is.

It's like any other city, it's dirty, clean, preverted, n can be dangerous.

But, it's MY City, still. N I love it, despite only a resident for years of it's peninsula (no man is an island, he's a peninsula). N it's still all the things it was, some 30 years ago, last time I hit a concert, be it Winterland, SpeeedWay Meadows, Family Dog or Fillmore West.

The City still rocks, n so do all of you. It was fun!

I got a dose of KPIG, YOU People, and well, a wake up call about the blue v. red.

Fuck the red, let em come our here n mess with us in our house. Our house is strong. Very Strong. I loved it. Thanks.

Beach party, say, late October, early November? Ice? Firewood? Ding! :smile:

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