Saturday, June 23, 2007

Mmmmm-mmm...gator on a stick

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Howdy 007

The Bachelor Party

Corrections and Additions:

Fleet's place is in Royal Oaks not Prunedale. I was lost. Follow the map, please.

Starting time is somewhere between 6 and 7 due to the Friday drive from Santa Cruz and we all need to stop and get supplies. (doilies, yarn, spare bobbins)

Auditions are closed for dancers and thankfully neither Zeke nor George made the cut.

--The Best Man

Crows Nest Thursday!!!!

w/ Sambada
Brasilian excitement on the beach
5:30 pm
No cover

Third StoneHendrix tribute after-party upstairs
8:30 pm
$5 cover

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Grass Valley Rocked! (er, grassed, shall I say)

As you may have suspected, especially with the phenominal lineup, Grass Valley Father's Day Bluegrass Festival was one of the best yet! Personal highlights included Del McCoury (of, course), Dan Paisly, Claire Lynch, & my festival favorite CHERRYHOLMES! Possibly the best family bluegrass band experience (besides, Del, of course) that I've ever seen. In the meantime, here's a photo from one of the River Trips we went on.....this one was especially fun as we had about 9 bodies crammed into Nick's ol Winabago for a fun ride down the canyon...boy that water was cold! In camp we had Packer leading the jam, with fine gypsy stuff from Nick & a fine upcoming bass player named Megan (yeah, I know...but yer way off base!) Jamming until the wee hours every night, & the weather was great. Guess it's back to weddings now, so plan accordingly, as your mileage may vary. See you Fellers at Fleet's this Friday. Party on Wayne......

Monday, June 18, 2007

Blah Blah whoa Blah

Bachelor Party for James Davies

This Friday evening, June 22 at Fleet Montgomery's place in Royal Oaks starting around 6:30 or so. Click the above link for maps. 16300 Bonney Rd. Bring Beer, ice, whiskey, musical instuments, tents, sleeping bags and leave the girls at home. Please. Call Martin for nondetails. Not responsible for driving or hootchie kootchie dancers. You mileage may vary. Come in through the gate, drive up to the parking field and we'll direct you from there. Sorry it's short notice but suck it up, you knew it was happening anyways.

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