Sunday, April 03, 2011

Let's Pick!

Hush. Just play.

I'm Killin Muhself

See, I was doin this musical like post at MyFDL.

Just Postin I Am.

N then, some one replies with THIS link:

N then, I got all Galtylike and went to find more of this Anita Carter woman.


June's sister. One of the Carters. Maybelle's daughter.

Now I phookin get it.

Good danged dawg she's not only lovely, but sangs like a bird.

N somehow, I missed that she's sanged with Hank Williams, n Hank Snow, n The Carter Fambly.

I mean, WTF, did I miss a hunnert years of music or what?

A folk song I recall, sure. But Anita's voice? Dayum!!!! Dayum!!!!

She nails this one like Joan Baez n others never could do . . . n I'm a BIG fan of Baez n the 50's n 60's folkie/rocky ladies . . . gal with the Weavers, Ronnie. Joan, Judy C, Mimi, Jean Ritchie, Cass, Beverly Bivens (Wee Five, You Were On My Mind), Signet Toly Anderson (first Airplane album), others I forget . . . . there were tons.

But go run Anita's youtubes. I did, it bout kilt me . . . incredible voice n youtube has a lot of her music . . . I am amazed.

It will be the best thang ya do till the next fest.

Let's Pick Some!


Hey Zeke, Martin, Dave.


What band was it he played in at BerryFest in the early to mid 00's? He was there twice . . . I think in a row, fall to spring thing . . .

Was it O'Connor n pals? Got a name? Date?

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