Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Earlier This Year...

Field Trip!!!

And then, head down to the bay for lunch at The Ramp.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

I Had No Idea

Took a little bike ride along the Guadalupe River Trail before the hockey game. Whoda thunk San Jose could be so cool?

Just Shoot Me, I'm Done


Da Old Man, beat up and battered, had it all to win, and he and they didn't.

Turnovers, special teams. (kin Tubdude is allas right)

And in the end, lack of defense to stave off the NOLA march for the field goal.

The gas ran out, NOLA wanted it more. Under pressure, with opportunity (god what a clusterphuck of calls to end it the whole OT)

Hat's off to NOLA, and the kids, but if ya could find it in yer hearts, a few kind thoughts for the old man, and the battering he took and STILL tied it up. And his whole season . . . .

Thanks for the consideration.

GO MANNING!!!!!!!!!

I still feel older, all of a sudden . . . . sigh.

Where's my car keys, it's time to leave and I can't find them.

And I'll be in mourning till pitchers n catchers report, when it all starts to glow golden again . . . till then, shut up n pick.


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