Saturday, March 05, 2005

Soccer Mom's On Crank?! THAT'S A Lead!!!!

CV Nevious is one of those I grew up with along with Caen, Delaplane, Wasserman and His Son, et al. Good stuff. Nice to see the tradition continue. FORE! lol

Friday, March 04, 2005



Nuthin's Sacred Anymore

This just ain't riiiigggghhhttttttt . . . but it's pretty, well, sick, I guess, comes to mind.


Proof that Bonds in a jerk. This poor, young, innocent minor leaguer just wanted to know what brand of topical cream Mr. Bonds uses on his sore muscles and the snarling, standoffish, cheating 'Superstar' beat him severly about the head and shoulders then threw balls at him. Shocking.


Bonds giving Daniel Ortmeier some batting instructions following a team workout.

You have 30 seconds, Bob.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Subs Gone Wild

More Good Pics And A Winner

These new pics really get ya up close. Those dudes are studs.

Screw Moss. N Bonds is the best there ever was. Steroids or not. NO ONE touches him. No one, with or without 'roids. Ever.

March Madness? Women's Water Polo? LaCrosse?

Jam night, with the Trad Bluegrass Nazis. I gotta learn Me And My Uncle, just to piss them off.

You guys and gals got it GOOD over there, take care of what you have, and each other. Saya, nora.

Medication Time!

Barrycrats and Asteriskans

The Asteriskans are racist, blow hard, hypocritical censors.

The Heathens Speak

Friday, March 25 and Sat. the 26th, I reserved campground #6. Wendy, Martin and the gang are in 11, 12 and 13. It looks like where we were last time on the hill is already taken. Without looking at a map and talking with Fernwood, campground 6 is right behind 11 and 12 (where the chihuahua camped last year). I won't really know until we get a map which they're sending me.

Any of you are more than welcome to join us. We can have maximum number of six per campground. If you're interested, let me know because if we have more, we'll want to reserve another campground. Campground #7 is still available too (as of today).

Talk with you soon!

P.S. Wendy, let's confer regarding egg hunt goodies and meal plans (if
there are any). Looking forward to Fernwood!

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Until Auntie Moon Pie Shows Up, Here's Some Skinny

Flea's out, Hawaii's Jaws tore him up. Some nice pics, good info, and well, I'm John Cameron, Cameron. Downtown.

I'll Be There In The Morning, If I Don't Get Killed

Biscuit Burners come to Spring Strawberry Fest! And life was good, and the village rejoiced, nekkid, amongst the Skwirrels N Beer . . . . . er, Bear. Well, both.

For the Weather Geeks

File this one under the "this is cool" section. It loads the visual, IR and water vapor sat images. Wait for it to load. Then slide the bar that says "set fade level" back and forth. You can also click the "zoom" button then click in the image.

"Fear? Yeah, That's Fear. I KNOW Fear!"

Put yerself in this guy's spot. I've been in fear of death, on a skinny ice bridge, at about 13,500 ft., with a 500 foot or more plunge into an icy pool on the slope goin up the east side of Mt. Lyell.

This seems, somehow, similar.

Close yer eyes, and phookin pray.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005


Maverick's. 2005. Starts Wed morning, 8am. Big waves, sharks, fans, and all. God rest their fool hardy souls, bless their hearts . . . . . looks like short surf so far, for this year. 30-35 ft. max. Cold, though . . . . .

Casa de Hierba Azul

"Startin' to feel like bluegrass heaven around here--Just heard from Lora Hicks who's working with the Gilroy city fathers to establish a new spring-time event. Here? the skinny so far: the Gilroy Bluegrass Festival at Casa de Fruta, May 13-15, 2005; Dale Ann Bradley; Perfect Strangers; The Kathy Kallick Band; The Papermill Creek Rounders; The Brothers Barton with Overdrive; Lone Prarie Done Gone Reunion; Bean Creek; Harmany Grits; Kids on Stage with Frank Solivan; Larry Hosford??"

Gilroy Bluegrass

Monday, February 28, 2005

Annnnnnnnnnnd he's off!

Why fly that when an SUV gets 12 mpg?

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Que This, Que That

Some general thoughts on the art of Q.

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