Monday, March 02, 2009

This One's For Martin N Wendy Cuz They IS Down Home

Yep, an authentic nouveau wave Fried Oyster Po Boy, from The City That Knows How. Baghdad By The Bay. There's a revolution of succulent soul food in The Bay Area, and this article from SF Gate 'splains it all.

I'm tellin ya, there's some very, very kewl things bein done with down home goodness . . . some of you, erm, more 'southern' or mid plains like folks might see and hear echoes of granny's kitchen sights and smells ya grew up with as a lil tadpole.

Shut up and eat!! *G*

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Hell Of A Night. In Tunisia.

Sometimes, there's just more to Butterfield, Bloomfield, Bishop And Naftlin lettin loose and swappin 4's.

This is one of those times that transcends anything rock could, or bluegrass could, ever do.

Cuz it's the zschazzzzzz, zut alor!!

Wait to the end, where Diz and his protegee swap it, spit and all.

Read the lineup of the band. Geebuz. Note the ladies holding court in the trombone section.

This clip is bitchen for a LOT of reasons . . . historical reasons, life changing reasons, planet shaping reasons.

Chicks In The Trombone Section? A LOT of them? Teh Diz was a monster, like Benny Goodman was. As a band leader, they changed things not only in music, but for all people.

The tempo changes alone phreak my mind . . . and that's what the song's allus been about . . . but THIS clip, to use the worn cliche . . . this clip's fuckin definitive.

Hattip to the rightous STELLA, and Crooks N Liars From Whence It Came To Me.

Shut up and pick indeed . . . now go honk yer OWN horns, Howdians . . . . honk them loud.

The Planet's Waiting For YOUR Change . . . bring it.

A night in Tunisia
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Course, If Ya Wanna Go Back To The Beginnings

Charlie Waller . . . . damn. Youtube THAT stuff with Country Gents . . . .

Course, I COULD start in with the Kentucky Colonels . . . not sure all you kids in here know who THEY were . . (/snark)

Cuz would. But he's older n . . . I am. And I'm older n dirt.

EWE kids now, well, yer on my lawn . . . lol

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