Saturday, February 05, 2011

Make Ya Cry, Sniff

Red Molly . . . I was TOLD long ago, and was sent music from Abbie Gardner, and them, from a guy I used to know in PA by way of KPIG chat site.

All I can say 9 years later, he was so right I'm embarassed.

Not the first time I've been wrong about music, but youse Howdians know that.


Thursday, February 03, 2011


Was just about to watch the Laker game on my favorite free online sports site, and I got this!

Our tax dollars at work!

Lookin' Forward to This

These 45 footer's are for the preliminary matches. The Cup will be raced in 70's with top speeds of thirty knots! Hopefully fleet racing, where you'll have 6 of 'em on the bay at the same time, all doin' thirty, on the edge of commin' apart!

Now That's sailin!

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