Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Who Dat? Dat You?

Merry Christmas from Bernie And Larue To All Our Howdy Pals.

Wish you were here!! *G*

Tuesday, December 23, 2008 I got banned from the SFGate comments for making an offensive comment...

But this is a good review of one of my favorite Christmas movies.

Monday, December 22, 2008

It Could Work

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Merry Christmas From Miz Linda

Our Very Own Kitten with a Whip.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Real Colors!

Got up to go for a bike ride this mornin' and saw this.

Where Were You In '85?

I can't even recall when it was I saw Grisman with Rice in the original Quintet . . . at Great American Music Hall.

But I saw them a few times . . . and I NEVER had any clue (you people kill me) that Tony Rice and that Bluegrass Album Band were doing that stuff, or that Tony was a bluegrass picker before and after Grisman's Quintet . . .

This clip is special in that I've not seen it anywhere, and most folks haven't either . . .

From and courtesy of Zane Fairchild . . . a fair picker himself (his father too) a clip of some fine music. And when Tony, Doyle, and JD Crowe hit the trio harmony, it'll kill ya. If it don't, yer already dead.

Rickie Simpkins on fiddle I think, and Todd Phillips on electric bass cuz his dawghouse was lost on the airplane. No sigh of Flux on this cut. Geez Rice had SUCH a bitchen voice . . . sigh.

This Is Like Who's On First!

Spins my head . . . this writer spins more football algorithim's than Stephan Hawking covering a distant galaxy thru The Hubble 'Scope's excel spread sheet printouts.

I mean, it's like dynasty politics in America . . .

GO FAVRE! Er, Pats! Er, BILLS! Er, Giants! Er, Colts!!!

Damn but the West Coast sucks these days . . . still. Sigh.

Hey, are the Sharks still bad ass biters? (desperate for local angle)

If they trade for a good point guard, and some bull pen relief, can they make a run for it?

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