Friday, August 03, 2007

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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

This Just KILLS ME!!!

I've heard some clips, and like Joss Stone, I started to blow her off as too hip hop and such, which I just don't like.

Amy Winehouse . . .

She's got a rep already, at age 23/24 for blowing off gigs . . she's done rehab at LEAST once.

But man, there's something about this, that kills me.

Her phrasing, her COMMAND of the stage, command of the band . . it's HERS!!

She owns this moment.

My god, what a level of talent and understanding and experience at her age as seen in this clip.

I struggled to think, what woman singer in the jazz, pop, full band genre has had that . .

I came up with Nina Simone, Eartha Kitt, Etta James, Lydia Pense, ELLA!, I wanted to say Lady Day but I'm not sure about the COMMAND thing . . . women who OWNED the stage . . . Peggy Lee and Rose Clooney came to mind, but, don't inspire the raw COMMAND, more of great collaborators . . . this is about COMMAND . . . Joplin had it, but, it was on HER, not the command of the BAND so much as I sense . . . I dunno . . . there's something Amy has that VERY few ever get, male OR female . . like Otis Redding, James Brown, it's quite powerful . . . (back in the day, Lydia Pense OWNED the stage, and not just for a short skirt, she KNEW what the band was supposed to do, and worked it).

Anyhoots, unless Amy changes her ways, you can see it in her face . . . she's already an old soul, and likely won't ever see 30.

But man, she burns bright for now . . . I just LOVE this song . . . what talent . . . she's holding it back, and doing the song and the band and the stage and the audience . . . and they don't even know it . . . this got to me, what can I say . . ;-)

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