Saturday, October 22, 2005

40 Days, 40 Nites?

A REAL fine swine Canuckiastan posted this on KPIG. He's a hoss.

Thought Martin n the Sailors amongst the tribe, and the other gawkers, would be interested in the link.

I found it fascinating . . . but, I'm easily entertained with bright and shiny objects.

N you all know that, huh . . . . ;-)

What't the Welch form for, "It Floats"?



I mean, I've been a Rocket Roger fan forever.

Like I was of Ron Guidry.

Eck. Catfish. Vida.

Others what showed talent, or pure moxie and guts.

Gibby. Marichal (a whiner, but, man, a heart of fire). Koufax.

Nolie for sure. Rapid Robert at 100 MPH.


Robin Roberts, what a curve ball, long before Carlton came round, n HE was a hoss, too,

Gaylord, all the other spitters, greaseballers, n let's NOT leave Satchel Paige off of THIS list.

Yeah, shut UP Dave, I'll get to my point, damnit, let a Larue ramble, will ya? lol

SO, the onlyiest reason I got for watchin the Series just went down with a hamstring.


BBQ n pickin anyone?
Boat paintin n namin n general harassment and chastisin?
Time to backpack the hills of Big Sur and hunt wild boar with bow and arrow?

SOME ONE call it . . . . n don't be droppin that puck kuuurrraahhhhpppp now Zeke, it's still too early for the freezin o the ice, methinks . . . . . .

No, Boys Weekend Out is NOT an alternative for me this year . . . . bahstihds, all of yas, wish I was gonna be there for THAT . . . . . .

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Faster, John, Faster

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Party Alert

Debbie the famous cocktail maker is coming down for my partyeeeeeeee

I think it may turn into a sleepover....(Well maybe no sleep or slumber)

and yea Dave you mean your not going to wear a costume just be your usual Boat Pimp self.....

anyone else need costume accessories or advise on costumes. Roseeeeee's
closet is open.....Beware!!!!!

What's in a name?

So....we're paintin' Cuz's boat, and he wants to name it Clown, or somethin' like that, Oh wait, it was Cowan, wait that's not it....ummmmm.....Colwyn? Yeah that's it. A town in Wales where the Davies' clan sprouted.......What's it mean Cuz? Oh yeah Puppy in Welsh! Any sugestions for namin the venerable Man Nanny?

Monday, October 17, 2005

Is that your real shirt?

Sunday, October 16, 2005


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