Thursday, November 30, 2006

These Girls Rock

I miss baseball season. I tried basketball for a couple of seconds the other night. It just didn't take. go sharks.

68 Live Del McCoury Band Shows Free

Arden posted the home link to this site of artists live shows, etc.

Del's Listing includes 68 different shows.

FLAC files, download zipped version, unzip just by clicking on the download link (or it starts automatically maybe), convert to AIFF files for computer, cd's, etc.

This oughta keep Zeke happy for a long cold winter . . . . . ;-)

Hey You Two, GET A TENT!!!

If yer under 30, and even THINKIN about nookie, don't do it . . . . . Killin me.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Porn So Bad it Will Sicken a Goat

Our friends in upstate NY.

Sunday, November 26, 2006


4th down, less than Dave's nose to go for a first, at the Ram's 6 yard line, up by a stick.

Some 4:30 left on the clock.

If we don't make it, Rams get ball at their own 6 yard line. Long way to drive to win by a field goal.

We kick, 3 sticks don't ice the game, and there's not enuff time off the clock.

They return OUR kickoff to 35, and march in to win.

Drop the puck indeed . . . . enuff to convert me to curling.


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