Saturday, March 11, 2006


I just checked sat pix from my local tv website . . . It looks like there was mixed rain and snow in the Monterey Bay Area, including Santa Cruz!!!!

Dave's fun aside, are all y'all still havening THAT much fun? ? ? :eek:

Balmy Beautiful Beach Weather

So.......As I get home last night the lightning and thunder start, and then comes the hail. And it keeps coming and getting bigger, so eventually the good 'ol trusty cockpit cover starts to sag from the weight of all the ice. I climb up into the cockpit and start to shake the two inches of solid ice pellets that has collected, off the cover and BOOM! The sky goes wite (I had to)and the boat just skakes violently. I figure the strike had to be somewhere very near, cause the boom came pretty much right at the same time as the strike. Then we get several more, and the lights are flashin', and the boats shakin' and the hail keeps commin'. I love this weather stuff, but for a minute there, I was stayin away from the mast, if you know what I mean....and I think you do. To make a long story short, as I write this, cup of coffee in hand, there's two inches of solid ice in the back of the cockpit, and the docks are under about an inch of the stuff and frozen solid.

The moral of this story?

I really need a digital camera.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

I Was Gonna Post, But, Man, You People Got It Goin On.

"A high surf warning also is in effect through noon Saturday along the coast from Sonoma County to Santa Cruz County. Swells could reach 17 feet, Anderson said."

Forgive my humble offering. :bow:

A Beer.Story

Zeke and me had just busted out of the thick traffic leaving the Golden Gate Bridge at 4ish. Looking for beer and cheeseburgers we drove through Ukiah and found a place at the edge of town with last year's cheerleaders at the counter and the football coach cooking. Lagunitas IPA. LAH-GOO-KNEE-TUSS. Cuz and me took off to the big city to see a three act set at the Twelve Galaxies. The Bellyachers and Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash were the only two I recall. We got there early to beat the crowd and they were having a tasting party special. I.P.FUKN'A. Little Dog Faced beercap refridgerator magnets. Available down Zeke's stairs and at the Only Brick Building in Capitola Left Standing.

Of Wine, Women, And Song

1) Lindeman's. Southeast Ă…ustralian, Cuz, if yer there then. Good wine!!!

2) My honey bought it.

3) Makes me wanna sing.

Merlot, 2004. Great grape! Outta nowhere, and real affordable.

Just a tip. ;-)

Larue sez check it out.

Carry on.

And the Rockets Red Glare....

Now this is a little weird.

Speaking of Golf, Fore....and Aft

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Golf Skills Test

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Hey Larue, here ya go, finally got a couple pics to post.

Party Rumour Central

There will be a picking party hullabaloo on Huckleberry Island this Saturday hosted by our very own Party Patty. Indoor facilities available in case of rain. Sunday Brunch will be served. Limited space for car and tent camping. Anyone with any more information, please let us know.

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