Thursday, August 21, 2008

Some Things Defy Our Experiences, This Is One

Dude's got chops . . . acoustic, too!!! 

Ok, this is TWO that defy MY experiences.

5 note scale. If they were plugged in there'd be a mosh pit.

A bear, on rollerskates, smoking a cigar...

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Any Birthdays Out There?

In 1891, Robert Louis Stevenson received a letter from a Vermont girl named Annie Ide. Her birthday fell on Christmas, she said, and she seldom received birthday presents.

He replied with a document decreeing that "I, Robert Louis Stevenson, … in consideration that Miss Annie H. Ide, … was born, out of all reason, upon Christmas Day, and is therefore out of all justice denied the consolation and profit of a proper birthday; and considering that I, the said Robert Louis Stevenson, have attained an age when we never mention it, and that I have now no further use for a birthday of any description; … HAVE TRANSFERRED, and DO HEREBY TRANSFER, to the said Annie H. Ide, ALL AND WHOLE my rights and privileges in the thirteenth day of November, formerly my birthday, now, hereby, and henceforth, the birthday of the said Annie H. Ide, to have, hold, exercise, and enjoy the same in the customary manner, by the sporting of fine raiment, eating of rich meats, and receipt of gifts, compliments, and copies of verse, according to the manner of our ancestors."

He charged her to add "Louisa" to her name, "at least in private," and to use the birthday "with moderation and humanity"—and he directed that if she neglected these conditions the birthday would revert to the president of the United States. She didn't.

Monday, August 18, 2008

The wake goes on forever and the party never ends...

Next time I come back from a beautiful life celebration and wake with dave, I'm duct taping his morose mouth shut.
Rose asked me to make the CD playing at the chapel. I think I'll bring some copies to Fall. There's some sad shit there. I blame a couple of the stranger ones on Evan. I kept deleting tracks and they'd find their way back. The Wilders missed the final cut but Linda Ronstadt and Ann Savoy doing "Just walk away Renee" is so sad. Got me if he liked it or not but it just kept showing up. Same thing with "One Monkey". I just didn't think it was appropriate but something told me otherhow.
There's no "over" yet. Now it's all in the healing and the dead are grateful. Their pain is over.

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