Friday, February 26, 2010

More Ginseng

What, Josh Williams on mando, git for Rhonda a while back, now out on his own.

And the others?

My muddy water Mississippi delta home, indeed.

Shut up n pick.


Sometimes They Phish

I can't get over Ginseng Sullivan, I wish some of YOU people would recall it so I could sing it in camp.

Carry On, Peeps.

Keep On Truckin'

So I'm sittin' on the Lao border gettin' ready to go across for the Buddist full moon celebration in Luang Prabang. I's been great here, got a bungalow with a deck right on the Mae Khong and looking across to Huay Zxi Lao, for 14 bucks! I think I'm gonna head south after that, they've been burnin' the rice fields pretty heavily and the smoke is pretty bad. Bo suggested Kho Sumui island on the gulf of Thailnd. I can fly there from Lao for $160.00 and lounge on the beach for a week. Hmmm......

I dunno, I letcha know when I do!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Morford in the Chron...I just like the quote.

Perhaps there's still hope. Perhaps someday, a politician/celeb/icon embroiled in a crazy drug/gay/sex scandal will step up and say, "Hey, my apologies to my loved ones. I was a hypocrite. I lied about some stuff. I was sort of stupid about it. It happens. We all do it. I'm working on it. But you know what? No one died. Everyone will be OK. Life goes on. What's more: No one really cares. Or if you do, you really need to get out more.

"Did you know there are multiple, appalling wars going on right now? Disease and suffering of the highest order? The planet is dying in coughs and spasms? Do you know your kids can't get decent health care? Fish stocks are collapsing? A billion humans live in slums?

"So I slept with a gay hooker and enjoy a line of blow now and then. This really matters? You really care? We are flawed and silly species, each and every one of us. If we don't laugh and dance and face our demons like the grinning, preposterous monkeys we so very much are, we're all dead anyway. Who wants wine?"

Read more:

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Hey, I can do this from Thailand! So, what's hapuning in the good 'ol USA? Saw some great soccer riots on the tele last night from the football hooligan bar, and lost 20 baht to a girl who had a real interesting game involving a snake. What's weird is this place has all the same plants, and a few different ones as Hawaii. The palm trees actually have coconuts! They also have the little sleeper grass everywhere. The ones that close when ya touch 'em.

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