Friday, May 21, 2010

Ahhh Heck, What The . . .

Shut UP And Pick It. I know you all done did it a millionty times.
Just do it again like this, like this. Make me smile.

Sorry. Click On Title.

Danged Youtube won't let me post the vid.

But it's all about Doc and Rosealie . . . and Shady Grove.

Great story as told, by Doc.

Court N Spark.


For Camp Howdy, Bless Yer Hearts

May you be warm and dry.
May you never lack from thirst or nourishment.
May your boots be in yer kit.
And your mitts be there, too.

May your tents all be upstream,
And your canopies stand with four walls.
With heaters and good friends.
Standing with you tall.

May your eyes and hearts all shine.
Like the beer tent and the main stage do.
And may all yer thoughts and longings.
Think about us, too.

-LRoo '10

We miss yas, all of yas. A lot. That's from me, and mine. She misses ya, too.
So this one's for all my friends, we sointantly miss all y'all, we do.
We'll see ya in the Fall, come hell or worse . . ;-)
A Lill Timmy O'B Doncha Know . . . . till then.

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Ry at the Catalyst in 1987.

Saw almost the same band at Hop Singh's in LA.

Check out the other clips, they're great. All from the Cat.

Folkie This

Runs About, It Does.

"Turn them Upside down?"

Yep, it runs about . .. .

"dooped a deep latta beep bladda yaeh . . ."

Great song, great sanger, he was as up and down as his legends and habits were.

I love him. Still.

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