Saturday, January 21, 2006

Hang Em High, N Never MIND The Bad Guys

We can find, and prosecute, ignorant punks who don't know any better . . . and who don't know that hitting the local ranger station is NOT a suitable, effective or accepted means for revolutionary change and admin shapeshifting (they IS losers, I'll grant, but, Sherriff Buford could deal with em).

We as a phuckin nation can't seem to STOP this phuckin admin from spending their time hunting punk teens and mid 20's somethings instead of solving real problems. My tax dollars, fer cryin out loud, at work . . . . might as well scour every high school and college campus and infiltrate any left over vestigages of SDS, too . . . . . or at least target the trombone players in the school band . . . .


Friday, January 20, 2006

And in Tennis News...

"Mrs. Hantuchova, Mrs. Hantuchova, please come get your daughter, she's beating Serena William's ass at center court."

Hey, it's a long, dark, bleak February with the Sharks playing dead and pitchers and catchers not reporting for another month. Traditional males may want to click Here and Here but remember, it don't hurt that she actually wins at times.
Gawd, I hate the Oilers.

Conference Sunday my scientific methods failed...or at least tied which is the same thing in my book (not that I'm making one, it's just a figure of speech, officer). I'm going with who I want to win now. Steelahs and Seahawks. Done. Drop the puck.

Video Link

As the man said, "You don't need a hook and a line..."

Wednesday, January 18, 2006


I guess the coach thinks there's no one out here paying attention and ready to hurl strongly worded emails to the U.S. Olympic Committee. Fuck him.

Play-Off Party Sunday?

Sooooooooooooooo.......Looks like a couple of good games to watch on Sunday, and once again I'll be happy to open up Zeke's Bistro to Howdians for football, if'n nobody else cares to host the bar.....and yes, ALL are invited!. That'll be the last time I say something about "chicks" in this town! *L* Personally though, I was told there are no chicks in Santa Cruz? But, alas, digression is commonplace in our tribe. Anyhoot, games start at noon. Poker is good, beer is better. You know the rules....& just give a shout if'n somebody else wants to host. Heck, maybe we could even pick.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Now they're thinkin'

This way Larue can know if it's safe to drive to the liquor store.

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