Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Look!! A Tub!!!


I never knew.


Thanks Martin, for all That English Beat, way back . .

Still spins in MY . . favs . . .

Ska. Is SUCH a big word . . .

Happy 4th Howdy Peeps!!

I don't know where anyone is, likely at a certain party hosted by a certain couple at a certain location.

Martin thinks he's stealing everyone's quarters at poker but it's cuz WENDY feeds him the good cards.

And all I have to offer is this YouTube Clip of The Specials from the 70's.

They rock.
We shoulda never left.
And they shoulda always stayed.

I hear, they used to open for The Clash.

That and a great horn section will get ya into all the hot nightclubs!

Be well folks, it's time to go watch the fireworks at Cal Expo . . .

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