Friday, May 18, 2007

Two Games In ML Baseball, The Next Koufax?

You be the judge. Me? I think it's a bit early till The Righty wins 25 games or more 6 times or so in ten years.

Oh, here's the link tween the Houston and SF game that brought it all on, only, I can't find my source article, which was the reason for posting all this.

Someone Tell Zeke He Lied

Once ya pry the Wicker Mateus Vin Rose bottle offa his cold fingers sometime late tonight, tell him we just found the Howdy Sign. We'll be in by noon, or 4pm or so if we never leave early or late enuff.

We are NOT coming up for Wednesday At The Lodge, and that's a shame, cuz there ain't gonna be nothing left for me to drink on Monday on our way out, after YOU people desecrate Dan's Bar.

Because It's GOOD For You!!

And scroll down to the last paragraph.

I'm pretty sure Tubdude had somethng to do with these studies . . . .

Monday, May 14, 2007

The Camp Howdy Blog

So, Google has finally finished with the Grand Assimilation of the Ol' Blogspot. Let me know if you need help with getting a free GMAIL account to make life easy on you. Just a tip...

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