Thursday, December 29, 2005

New Year's Eve??

waz up for this sounds like rainy New Year's Eve????????

anyone back in town yet??

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

They're KILLIN Me!

(See 12/29 on club calendar)

Although not as grandiose nor bovine as Deputy Corliss, I am equally flatulated by the fact that SOME whacked out producer/booking agent thought to book Hot Buttered Rum String Band and Tony Phreakin Furtado together.

N then, brought them to THISgodforsakenvalleythattimeforgot!!!!!!


Blue/New/Jam Grass In Sacto!!! A mile or so away from my front door, in a NIGHTCLUB, that mostly dont' book this kinda stuff, but, is NOW, due to some whacked out producer/booking agent.

I love that person, and now, I LOVE THIS TOWN.

Well, for one night, anyways. I'll holler how it was, then.

We get about 351 more gigs like this this comin year n we'll be pacin Dah Cruz maybe . . . ;-)

Camp Howdidays

Well, howdy from the great wet north. Deputy Corlis has settled in to the Northwestern Manly Lifestyle. After taking up deer hunting, he bagged this Two Point Buck. This isn't the desert up here in Puyallup.

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