Saturday, November 24, 2007

I Just Like This Pic

It's winter, it gets dark early now.

When Koufax was on the mound, it was dark for the hitters.

Man he had some of the greatest stuff ever.

Hope you do, too.

It's Dark. Dark Early. Tough Country.

Eat yer beans, and look out for that overhand curveball, it's like it drops off a table.

Beach Party January late.

We'll start early, cuz, ya know, it gets dark early.

Happy Howdy to all, hope all are well . . . missin n sippin.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Most Perfect Rock and Roll Video

"Something sweet to throw away..." The song and the graphics have got it all.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Pardon me while I wretch.

I was going to post a YouTube of Kelly Willis singing "Shadows of Love" circa 1993 but what would be the point in that? I mean, what with Barry getting indicted?

I guess there'd be no harm in just searching YouTube for the clip from Texas Connection (Jerry Jeff's old TV show on TNN which is now Spike after the Gaylord Family sold it to CBS who were later bought by Viacom who owned both CMT and TNN and figured they could make more money narrowcasting to NASCAR boys 19-35 instead of having Jerry Jeff, Mark O'Connor and John Prine host "singin' shows with no hot chicks blowin' stuff up". Not that I'm bitter but now I have CMT showing "Trick My Trucker" and them dang Duke boys runnin' from Boss Hawg. I'm all for reality television, mind you. The Sharks dropped a game last night in a shootout with the Ducks and The Red Raiders smacked down Boomer Sooner. Parenthetically speaking of course.) that way I save some space here.

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