Saturday, September 26, 2009

Um... Dude.....

Good to see the hippies doin' well.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Read you summarized by a smartass

We read now from Leviticus:

"Chapter Eighteen
God's got some creepy attitudes about sex. First he kills any incest fantasies that might be lingering around. Don’t seduce the following family members: your dad, your mom, your hot stepmom, your hot sister, your hot half-sister, your granddaughter, your hot aunt (on either side), the hot babe that married your uncle, your sexy daughter-in-law who always wears the tight sweaters, your hot sister-in-law who looks just like your wife only younger and firmer, or a woman and her daughter at the same time (even if they’re Lohans or Hiltons and you know they’d totally be into it after a few drinks). Which all leaves Hulk Hogan and Joe Simpson in a bind, doesn’t it? I’m trying to find a loophole here about seducing a pair of sisters at once, though… And thankfully, your friend’s hot MILF is also not off-limits..."

Well, YEAH, Dobro's Can Front!

Andy Hall, a hero of mine. Teh Dusters. Seen them twice at FDF, and once at Berry.
Day hot.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Lemme get this straight...

I just got back from the State Fair of the Great State of Oklahoma. Police towers. Beer bars everywhere. Used to be one place to get a beer and that was at the Monorail Depot. No more Monorail. Now there's a 10 stool beer bar next to Dan's Indian Tacos. With the OU game on a flatscreen. Okie girls serving up something called Choc 1919. A big picture taken from the lightning rod or "Space Needle". But this is also the venue for a lot of gun shows. And if I get their issue correctly, they would like an insurrection because they fear that Obama wants to put them in jail for protesting his presidency. Armed protest. Armed protest inciting insurrection because they fear the government wants to put them in jail for armed insurrection. Is it any wonder this is the town that had its Federal Building blowed up real good by a concerned (and armed) citizen? I saw no mention of the Memorial anywhere on the grounds. My highlight was watching one of those nice Baptist ladies in the "Clean Your Ring" booth shining up Wendy's little Green Man necklace.
Oh, and too much karaoke and no good picking at the stages. Local American Idol losers who really didn't get the message to leave us alone with it all, please.
When we got back, the next day we headed to the beach Then to nachos and Bongloards at the Fandango down by the Haw-bah. Smell that Monterey Bay air.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Jobsite Bottle Openers


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