Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Healing Music

This band is lighting up the resogit list I'm on . . . and everyone else too, in the bluegrass community . . . SOME of you might have already heard them, and of them, me, I'm still catching up to the 90's . . . but catching up FAST!!!

Word is their lady git player shreds, and is easy on the eyes.

Thought Zeke might could use some 'easy' . . . ;-)

Hey, they got a lefty dobro player, tha's all I care about . . . ;-)

Monday, June 12, 2006

She turned me into a newt!....'got better though

Hey Howdy Family,
Just wanted to say THANK-YOU! to Wendy, & miss Gayle @ SCMC, as well as the rest of ya for your assistance and positive vibes through my little cardio-escapade. Last week while just trying to pour a cup of coffee my ticker decided to take a little time-out & I hit the deck hard. Fortunately, I didn't loose any teeth, only a minor concussion, and nothing has shown up in the bloodwork regarding stroke, arrest, or any other of the big nastys. A night over in the cardiac unit was definitely an eye-opener, and I'm continuing on with testing & monitoring until we can get a handle on myself. But fear not! It'll take more than that to keep me off my festivation schedule, and life as I know it, and I cannot wait until Grass Valley...& Kate Wolf...& High Sierra...& Goofy Too! I love all of you and it's nice to know that I've got family hereabouts.

Peace & see ya out there!

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