Sunday, February 05, 2006

The Bus Went Home Happy

I was ambivalent. Making The Bus Happy is kewl with me.

N Madden's finally in The Hall.

Where he's belonged all along.

That's even kewler.


Shoulda been in The Hall Long Ago, the bastid's.

Rock on Howdyville.

Madden is an Icon whose time has been... sorry, no likee..even so he is a neighbor...he really sucks as "side line color", he don't have any...
Damn Niner Fans! BWAH!
Sorry Miz Linda, it's a guy thang, methinks. He's all that to me, and to many others. Plenty of color we wanna hear about, too.

Back to yer ice dancing, now, n tuck under that blankie n close yer eyes as the warm milk n cookies take over . . . . :snicker:
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