Monday, February 06, 2006

Camp Howdy: Just a Tip

Camp Howdy: Just a Tip

Strawberry tics are going fast. just a tip.

Got our two for Fall Fest today . . Spring tix are in the drawer, hidden away . . 'sales are brisk' was the reply to the question.

We good for this year. :smile:

Well, still need to book a room at Lodge for Tues/Wed n Monday after.

Now all I need to do is rent a real kewl pimp mobile with tinted windows, like last fall. ;-)
I don't think you can say Pimpmobile...

Don't you mean 'Hydraulically enhanced, ethnically decorated, fuel efficiently challenged, mobile business suite'?
With rims.
106 days, 1 hour, 55 minutes & counting. tic toc tic toc....
Let the ticcin begin . . . toc to you later . . .
N Dave, I can say anydangedthingIwant, usually do, too, huh . . . . lol I'm larue, ya know . . . n I'm STILL damned glad to meetcha!!! Need a beer? Put it on my expense tab!!!! Larue spares no expense and pays no tabs!!! ;-)

Sail? Ahi? Beach Party? Beer? Ice? Firewood?

Santa Cruz came in 3rd this year at Mav's . . . always in the top 3. Good on ya folks . . . :grin:

Missin all YOU PEOPLE, out there, BTW, only the thought of a NEW DOBRO arrivin this week keeps me on my feet before I crumble beneath the sedation of my fondness and longing for HowdyVille.

Like Zeke said, it's only some odd days, hours n minnets till SpringFest . . . I'll manage, really, I will . . .

Brock Little came in 3rd there big fella. Hometown is right..if yer talkin' Kailua. Good show this year, they're lookin' for some bigger waves in a week er so.

Cow A peadmart would say.
Hey, there was a Santa Cruz Kat in there somewhere.

I was at work surfin when I shouldn't been . . .

Yeah, 40 ft. ain't much at Mav's.

Bong A Cowa.


Call a weekend, sailor. Email me one time.
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