Friday, February 10, 2006

Greg's mom

Some sad news from the Davis clan. Cathy, Greg and Rick's mother, passed away earlier this week. He received the call that she was in the hospital Monday morning while he was still here in Santa Cruz. He was able to get back up to Placerville and be with her for several hours before she passed on.
She's with Greg now in heaven.
Services are this afternoon at 1 pm in Escalon, so send your thought's Rick's way. I'm heading up the road in a few minutes to be there.

Very sorry to hear of your mom's passing Rick. She must have been quite an outstanding mom to have raised such fine sons. Peace to you and your family.
Our hearts out to you Rick and to your family. She did real good with her time here from what I've seen in her two sons.
So sorry to hear this. My thoughts are with the family.

And the wheel keeps on turning...
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