Thursday, February 09, 2006

Something for Larue

Part Deux which includes the insightfull quote: "Heck, if I wanted to see trick shots every week, I'd go to a brothel." -- Our Old Friend Norm.

Thank you my friend. That was nice.

Oil patterns are kewl. Pederson is kewl, he was kewler as a kegler when he had knees.

I concur with the author. More about the bowlers.

The PBA became a body of (hell, it always WAS) stiff n rigid good ole boys. It just plain sucked.

N so, they SOLD it, some 4 years or more ago, to some group, who now run it as a business.

Hence, ARENA Bowling for more $. And fewer tournaments (called stops on the tour) and well, different championship competition formats and such. Sucks, for the most part, but then, with bowling, I'm a bit old school.

And there are COUNTLESS stories about great bowlers being shut out in the end of a tourney on tv, or Friday night (when the top 16 used to bowl head to head match play) cuz they ain't good ole boys, part of the crowd, or too ugly, or too fat, to be on TV. Roger Corman (THINK that's his last name) was a fella weighted 300 lbs plus, at 5'11 . . . he was fat. At one point in the late 80's/early90's, he could lead and make it to Friday night WAY ahead of anyone else. N the PBA would mess with the lane conditions, with his pairings, n dog him for 'violations' to mess him up. N he'd fade and never make the cut to the finals for TV on Saturday.

I'd rather throw nuts at skwirrels, or skwirrels at nuts.

Nice read though, thanks again O Tubbed One!!! No hockey on, eh?
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