Monday, February 06, 2006


The Stairwell Sisters & The Wilders! (Kansas City)
8pm - $10adv/$12 door
6275 Highway 9 / 831.603.2294

I'm GUESSIN, Lisa B (dobro) and at least one other of Stairwell Sistahs were part of Crooked Jades (now out there with two dif bands and names).

ALL these gals been sangin with each other for years it seems. Now a must see for me, for sure.

I kissed Lisa B's hand, and made a fool of myself, last GV. I'd do it again!!!!!!!!! She gives good reso, ya know . . . .

So, WinterGrass '07, January. Coast Starlite, anyone? Choo Choo?

N SuperGrass-Bakersfield, February. Bluegrass Train, perchance?

Hotel camping at it's finest in the dead of winter!!!

May hafta give up two Spring Berry Fests for this . . . train rides, bar cars, jammin in the aisles. Beautiful looks at bright stars at night in Observation Cars. Put the RRRRRRRR back in romance! ;-)
Bakersfield? In February? For what? SFBOT is the same time and the good stuff comes through town. I can't even pronounce "Skip two Spring Strawberries" for a trip to Bakersfield. Except maybe to see Buck and the Roos. Hey, I gots an in-law in Puyallup. I could stay with him.
The answer to your guessin' is Stephanie on fiddle was part of the Jades. The Jades were fine with the new girl sanger from Caroliner and a couple of hot pickers swapping instruments.
SFBOT IS closer . . . n only a train ride away, too! Prolly is, it's two weeks long!!!! More my kind of music, too . . . not that SuperGrass was a bad lineup. I just think I'm a Wintergrass n SFBOT BerryFest kinda wannabe.

'Spose we COULD hotel camp for a Fr/Sa thing, come home Sunday, not worry about missin a Spring Berry.

I got permission to do next Spring Berry solo . . . DUDES ROCK!! If all y'all need me to camp elsewhere I understand . . ;-)

Maybe Cuz can get me a spot under the stage where I can put a sleepin bag and an insulite pad . . I'll hafta eat off the vendors, no campstoves under the stage I heard . .
Hey Tubbed One, when/where did you last see The Jades? They are runnin two lineups now, one local, one touring. Jeff still the leader? Wonder if I can get them to Sac for a 5th String Music Store show . . . time to hit their website and find out who books em.

I'd LOVE to see ANY config of The Jades in a lil venue . . . that acoustic old timey is in my bones, always has been since I first heard Doc at 16. N Kenny Hall N Sweets Mill String Band back then . . . geez, back then keeps gettin further n further back . . . 'kin spooky . .
Boy Howdy! What A great Show! These $10 oldtime shows lately are just what the doctor ordered for this oo-festival season...although with the weather here in Santa Cruz lately you might think it August er something...just damn hard to concentrate on this work crap whilst so much a goin on.
Anyhoot, the Stairwell Sisters & The Wilders??? YEEEEEHAAAAAWWW! & the dancefloor was just as entertaining as the stage show at times..especially with Cuz out there with his two left feet! *Bwah*!
Zeke, Cuz and Me saw the Hunger Mountain Boys open for the Crooked Jades last Thursday at the Attic in Santa Cruz. Less than a hundred people at the gig. Jeff now has two guys doing the stringwork and a girl sanger from Caroliner who fits right in. The openers kicked butt. Delmore Brothers/Monroe Brothers/Louvin Brothers non brother act. Mon over and we'll play their CD and drink whiskey. We also bought the Stairwell Sisters latest. I tell you what, Old Time Stringband stuff is hotter than any borrrring bluegrass band around here anymore.
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